RIT MCSL Industrial Short Courses 2012

The Munsell Color Science Lab at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is offering Industrial Short Courses again this year in June. The instructors are faculty and staff at the Munsell Color Science Lab. A short description of each instructor is provided on the RIT site.

Fundamentals of Color Science
June 5-6, 2012
A two-day short course composed of eight lectures focused on the theory and application of modern color science.

  1. Understanding Color (Mark Fairchild)
  2. Color Vision (James Ferwerda)
  3. CIE Color Spaces (Roy Berns)
  4. Color Measurements (Dave Wyble)
  5. Setting Color Tolerances (Roy S. Berns)
  6. Beyond Color: Gloss and Texture (James Ferwerda)
  7. Color and Illumination (Mark Fairchild)
  8. Color Imaging (Jinwei Gu)

Advanced Topics in Color and Imaging
June 7, 2012
A one-day course that covers four advanced topics in color and imaging science.

  1. Color Appearance (Mark Fairchild)
  2. Image Appearance (Mark Fairchild)
  3. Psychophysical Methods in Color Science (James Ferwerda)
  4. Surface Appearance Capture and Rendering (Jinwei Gu)

Instrumental-Based Color Matching
June 7, 2012
A hands-on, one-day course with both lectures and laboratories where you will gain a deeper understanding of commercial matching systems. The course is taught by Dr. Roy Berns.

  1. Optical Models for Reflecting Materials
  2. Colorant Database Development and Evaluation
  3. Spectral and Colorimetric Matching Algorithms
  4. Matching Evaluation and Batch Correction

More information about each of the courses is provided on the Industrial Short Courses page on the RIT site.

Personal note:
As a former student in the Munsell Color Science Lab at RIT many years ago, I can tell you that these are outstanding classes. Dr. Roy Berns and Dr. Mark Fairchild were my professors, and they are both very knowledgeable and entertaining in the classroom.

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